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A name of the domain is the first thing you need when venturing into the online world. Domain hosting allows you to gain increasing traffic as the time passes, as well as it allows you to share your services all over the world. It is quite easy to understand that the better the bandwidth, the better the speed with which your website will open and be accessed.

A website whose interface loads slowly, no matter what the reason, it will drive the potential new customers away.

New Solutions offers a multitude of packages to its clients in lieu of hosting. We have multiple plans available and a client is at full liberty to chose one of them which will fit their needs the best. Our services are quite affordable for all classes of people. We offer cheap website hosting services on Linux, Window platforms through our powerful servers, which are located in USA.


We aim to provide highest quality of services to our clients. Afterall satisfied customers are more of a boon for us. You can chose any amount of domain, bandwidth, disk space, and database that fits your needs.


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