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Healthcare Tech Solutions

At Solutions Now, a significant percentage of our clients are in the healthcare industry. Therefore, we understand the need for HIPAA IT Compliance better than anyone else. Healthcare systems have frequently come under cyber attacks that have proven devastating. As a result, we emphasis in maintaining the best healthcare tech solutions and services possible.
Likewise, Solutions Now provides you with the following healthcare tech solutions and more;

• Privacy and Security Risk Assessments, Risk Mitigation Projects
• Multi-layered HIPAA compliant cyber security framework
• Proactive HIPAA compliant IT services

Challenges Faced by a Healthcare Provider

An average healthcare provider faces several IT related challenges. As such, some of the more significant ones are;

• Compliance with the new HIPAA regulations
• Combating the threat of cyber security attacks
• Garnering appropriate support for remote working
• Support for mobile devices

Solutions Now is proud to say we understand your problems, challenges and concerns on a very deep level. As a result, we work accordingly to ensure all such concerns are laid to rest in a most effective manner. In conclusion, we provide custom healthcare tech solutions that are tailor made to suit your specific needs.

Excellence of Solutions Now as The Best Healthcare Tech Solutions Provider

Solutions Now brings a sophistication in the healthcare related IT services. Our team has expertise in;

• Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare
• Managed IT Support for Healthcare
• EHR (Electronic Health Records) Integration and Extraction
• Compliance with HITECH Regulations
• HIE (Health Information Exchange) and interoperability
• Health Benefit Exchanges
• Excellent Human Services

Healthcare Tech Solutions

Do not allow trivialities of by gone ages slow you down in your noble pursuit of healthcare. Healthcare Tech Solutions shoulder the burden of trivialities and assists you in your dedication to patients.

Threats of Cyber Crimes

Safe-guard your healthcare institution against all kinds of cyber criminals. Utilize the latest security techniques developed by us. No harm shall befall you so long as our counter measures hold.

Increased Speed = Increased Efficiency

Your doctors have no time filling forms for every little thing and patients have no time to stand in lines. Technology minimizes time spent on trivialities, while exponentially increasing efficiency.

Solutions Now is the embodiment of innovation in technology

Solutions Now makes your healthcare skyrocket by automating and easing so many mundane tasks.

Health-Care is Health-Non-Care without Tech Solutions

There are still several healthcare tech solutions services being bogged down with chronic performance and reliability issues. In other words, such problems could have had a huge effect on overall healthcare system ages ago. But now it seems almost trivial. To sum it up, allow Solutions Now to take your institution to new heights. Save time from doing mundane tasks and only focus yours and your doctors’ attention on patient care. There is new technology being introduced every few days for medical applications. There are newer and more powerful scanners, more powerful microscopes and advanced surgical tools in the market. Newer models constantly replace the older ones. As such, holographic technology has especially provided doctors with greater than ever in-depth analysis of patients. There is even talk of developing sophisticated AIs for medical field. Solutions Now keeps you up-to-date with the latest innovations and healthcare tech solutions in the market.

24x7 Support

Solutions Now provides 24x7 Support to all its loyal clients. The level of support varies by requirement of each individual organizations. We can be there to help in case of any of our clients require our expertise in gaining healthcare tech solutions. We fully realize how much time matters in critical cases in a hospital environment. Our vigilance allows us to spot any anomalies, errors or system failures quickly enough to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem. Our technicians, engineers and programmers are always at beck and call of clients for a serious problem. Constant Vigilance doesn’t allow for relaxation from providing healthcare tech solutions. There might be such companies which have worked until now without internal IT resources. We can help them get their whole internal systems IT compliant and extremely fast. We can make them realize the potential which is carried by technology

A Backup Contingency for Recovery

It is always a good idea to have a backup contingency for recovery from disasters. Safeguarding measures against hacks and cyber terrorism is good and all. But that does not discount the need for contingencies. Solutions Now insists upon multiple backup plans for multiple scenarios in providence of our healthcare tech solutions. We cannot bear it upon our conscience if lives were lost due to less preparation in face of a disaster. We ensure that all your raw data is properly backed up both onsite and offsite. Also we ensure that there is a disaster recovery strategy in place; which comes into effect when required. Unfortunately, our findings have revealed not many medical practices have adequate backups or even at all. We seek to rectify such situation before valuable lives are put at risk through our healthcare tech solutions.

A Never-ending Need for Safety and Privacy

Hackers and internet-based criminals are a concern for everyone today because they present a never-ending need for safety and privacy. The same holds true for healthcare industry. A cyber terrorist attack could render a health institution crippled. The casualties from such an attack would be catastrophic. A simple hacker could also get inside your servers and download all the confidential information about your patients. It has many exploitation possibilities as well. Solutions Now provides you with latest healthcare tech solutions available in the market to safeguard you from such threats. We remain vigilant for any weakness in a system and work to close them through our healthcare tech solutions.

Compliance with the Regulations

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) defines a standard for sensitive data protection in a healthcare environment. Every healthcare provider is required to have physical, network and process security measures in compliance with the regulations of HIPAA. Health Information Technology for Economical and Clinical Health Act (HITECH) is another civil rights act to encourage use of technology in healthcare setting. Its ultimate goal being an electronic health record of every single United States citizen with extensive history. Solutions Now ensures all healthcare clients fully comply with these two civil acts through our healthcare tech solutions. The non-compliance can cause a lot of fines and loss of reputation among the customer base. With the help of our healthcare tech solutions system, the risk is minimized. Theadherence to the law is held in supreme regard by us.


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