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Solutions Now offers wide variety of services to its clients in the field of Information Technology. One of the most important services among those are consultation services. we have been in the industry for a long time. We have seen how bad advice can allow whole corporations to sink. There are corporations which are pushed to buy very expensive tech services or products that they have little use for. They could have easily bought cheaper tech solutions and gotten the same level of services out of them. After this blunder, they are hard pushed for capital. Thus, crippling their ability to properly compete on the market.

Solutions Now despises such waste of resources and time. We want to see you prosper because we have vested interest in it. If an organization becomes successful due to our services, it will increase our own reputation in the market. That is how you can be sure we have no ulterior motives.
Three main reasons why Solutions Now is superior to and more attractive choice than our competitors, especially in IT consultation;

1. We can provide proper direction. We can provide relatively cheap tech solutions to help your company expand. We can make your company grow in your respective market and be able to stand against competitors on even ground.


2. We can help in redefining your technology infrastructure. We can increase your infrastructure’s flexibility, functionality, and reliability. We can ensure your abilities are superior enough to stay ahead of your client’s demands.

3. We can help you how to innovate. We always prefer to think outside the box and that is what we teach our clients. We can help you develop your business potential to the fullest. We can properly offer our advice on how to implement the most cost-effective technology solutions. Thus, allowing you to gain the upper-hand in your industry.

Our team members are veterans of their fields. They have achieved highest levels of education from the most prestigious institutions. And then they have worked in professional capacity to gain valuable experience. This has allowed them to become veritable giants of their respective fields. This education, experience and sheer competency over given subject matter allows them to be called Masters of the field. This, more than anything else makes us the best to give consultation services. By following our advice many startups have risen from the bottom of the chain to the very top.

Our IT consultants are dedicated towards seeing you prosper. Our basic motto of customer satisfaction has been drilled into all our team members. They want to see you succeed.

We offer good advice and recommendation. If a client wishes a new website, new designs or graphics developed for their business, we can amply advise them. Any and all things related to IT Infrastructure fall under our purview. We can offer advice in how best to strategize when it comes to security. We can offer tips on how to set up an effective monitoring system for the servers and how to detect problems. We can recommend effective strategies for database management and other relevant applications. We can also offer our clients good advice for domain purchasing and website hosting.

Following is a comprehensive list of our IT Consultancy Services;


  • Improve IT infrastructure
  • Manage and store proper data backups
  • Manage and implement disaster recovery processes
  • Improve and maintain information systems planning
  • Improve, upgrade or install an impressive network infrastructure architecture
  • Improvise and upgrade the analysis and design of IT infrastructure
  • Proper methods to evaluate and upgrade hardware and software
  • Improve and upgrade the workflow and business process analysis significantly
  • Manage, upgrade and maintain the equipment and software selection and implementation
  • Improve network planning
  • Manage and upgrade LAN/WAN design and implementation
  • Install, upgrade and implement proper network security
  • Properly install a disaster recovery strategy and contingency planning
  • Improve or implement internet and web site marketing strategy
  • Create or upgrade an impressive web design
  • Implement online marketing

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