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Optimization process ensures that your website remains on peak performance. It also ensures your website’s visibility to the target audience. Whenever a potential customer searches for the product or the service you provide on a commonly used search engine, such as Google, the criteria with which the priority is given to websites whose results are shown at the top of the list are what is determined by optimization.

The more preference your website receives on a general use search engine, the more customers will visit your site, thus increasing your traffic drastically. This will undoubtedly increase your sales and your reputation in the market.

There are several factors that determine your ranking;

Meta Tags

Meta tags can provide general information about your website on a search engine. This information has to be relevant enough to influence a client. It must pertain to user satisfaction.


Title Tags

A title tag outlines what the page is all about. While ranking, Google looks towards a title tag and compares it to the rest of the content. A title tag must be kept descriptive and shorter than 70 characters. Core keyword is advisable to be used in a title tag.

Meta Descriptio

It describes what the user will find on the page in brief words. It must clearly outline what the user will find on the page. Best method to ensure that is to add your brand name and add one or two keywords in a tasteful manner.

Heading Tag

There should be multiple heading tags on a title page of a website. Different headings must be used to represent the different sections of the page.

Usability Factors

Not every user reads every part of your website, and not even a full page. They give a cursory glance at the page and read only the relevant part. Headings and subheadings split the page and ensure the user quickly finds what they are looking for.

URL Strings

URLs should be concise, short and easily readable. A shorter URL is easier to share and creates a better user experience.

User Friendly Content

The content should clearly explain what product or service is being offered by you. It makes it easier for the search engine to match a client to your page. The better written, more concise and easier to understand the content of your website is, the higher ranking it will get on a search engine.

Keyword Targeted Content

The use of a keyword along with keeping a user friendly and authoritative tone in the content will definitely help in increasing your ranking.

Solutions Now can help you with onsite optimization by ensuring all above mentioned factors are fulfilled. Our experienced team ensures your website’s traffic will increase exponentially. Once we start working our magic, your ranking will shoot straight up.


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