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Solution Now Web Development Process

Our web development process uses up-to-date technology to ensure the work is top-notch. The website functions well using the latest technology, and there is no problem of speed and usability on different devices. Building a website is easy, but there are many things that you have to take into account before you finalize the project. You’ll have to make sure that everything is in alignment and makes things as simple as you can for the users.

We at Solutions Now, make web development highly tailored and our services are for all the brands serving different industries. We mend our work to your standards and provide a unique experience that will help you stand out from the rest.  We can design a simple website to intricate-looking designs depending on your requirements.


Website Development (4-5 Line Paragraph)
The first meaningful interaction that customer has with your brand is through your website. If your website does not serve the need of readers, they will leave it. A classical web design can evolve your business. So, making that first impression count is really crucial.
SolutionsNow has a huge list of satisfied clients, and many firms trust us with web development needs. We are the agency that has proudly serve the client with unparalleled services.
1. Web Design (3 to 4 Lines) (web design services)
SolutionsNow, web design services, have an excellent reputation, and we hold the distinction of meeting all our client requirements and living up to their expectations. Our developers make your website visually appealing and convenient for users.

2. Web Development (3 to 4 Lines) ( Keyword; web development services)
Web development services require ingenuity and creativeness. Our web development experts have years of experience behind their back, and we are striving to innovate the whole process by providing exclusive and lasting experience to our customers. Our services have helped to mount the revenue of many of our clients who trusted us with their website’s delicate designs.

3. Web Integration (3 to 4 Lines) (web services integration, Plugin, Application, CMS)
Integrating the design into the webpage requires skillful approach. Integration solutions are different and depend upon the customer’s needs. Typically we can provide tailor web integration. All your plugins, applications will be 100% compatible with the integrated design.
4. Website Maintenance (3 to 4 Lines) (website support services)
Our experts also provide website support services. Sometimes your website gets old and become loaded with bugs and cannot function properly. Our round the clock support is always available to you, and you can contact us for website maintenance and up-gradation anytime.

Creative Web Design (100 words Maximum) (Keywords: creative website design in the USA, web design & development services, custom website design)
Web designing requires extra creativity and innovative approach. Building a website that compliments your product is vital for your business success. You want to leave a lasting imprint in the minds of your customers. We are creative website design service in the USA, and we have a staff of highly sophisticated and advance individuals who excel in creating any custom website design.
Do not go for cheap services that will never provide the results that you are looking for. A good brand deserves a good representation. If you are not able to express yourself well in this highly digital world, then you can lose potential leads and never become the leading voice in your industry. SolutionsNow is here to help you achieve those dreams.
SEO Friendly Website Design (100 words) (Keywords USA website development team, SEO-friendly website)

We have a highly proficient website development team in the USA -if you need a website that is exceptional which people to view. SEO friendly website designs require a highly competitive approach which takes years of experience to master. Our experts have been doing it successfully for quite some time, and we guarantee 100% SEO-friendly website that will attract users.

Responsive Website (Keywords: responsive website development, responsive web design) (100 words)

Due to the increasing number of mobile users, it is essential to make a responsive web design, i.e. it should be compatible with mobile and small screen users. According to one study, 60% of the user now access websites through their mobile phones. The ratio is doubling each year. Keeping this fact in mind, you cannot ignore the compatibility for your site.
SolutionsNow, web development team, ensure the responsive web designs that sit well with tablets, android users, and smartphones. Website responsiveness can definitely drive more visitors to your site.
Web Development Services Can Build In the Following Platforms

1. WordPress Development (keywords: WordPress website development experts in the USA) (100 words Maximum)

WordPress is becoming a top-rated platform for all types of website development. It provides different features and comes with many options that help you make those changes that could alter your website’s outlook. SolutionsNow has the best WordPress website development experts in the USA and has a 100% client satisfaction rate.
We never take anything for granted. So, if you are looking for highly professional services at an affordable rate, we are here for you. With our services, you will enjoy the competitive edge by providing a truly engaging experience to users.

2. E-Commerce Development (E-commerce web development company) (100 words)
Online stores have become a good source of income for many businesses. With the digitalization of the world, more people are promoting their brand through online mediums. So, if you are looking to create an online store, our developers can help you take that step into the online world. E-commerce website development needs a different approach and expertise. Our specialists are well experienced in developing such sites, and we will build exceptionally interactive websites that will make your business a success.

3. Shopify Web Development Services (Shopify Experts in the USA, Certified Shopify Developer) (100 words Maximum)

Shopify is another extension of e-commerce stores. Simply building a website is not enough; you need to make sure that it is user-friendly and viewers can find all the items on your shop easily. We have certified Shopify experts that are excel in building a website that speaks to user needs. We can make Shopify theme for you or can customize the one of your choice to make it perfect for your business.

4, PHP WEB DEVELOPMENT & FRAMEWORKS (PHP web development company) (PHP development services)

A PHP framework is used for making web apps. It has libraries that cut down the cost of writing codes and saves time. PHP is compatible with big operating systems like windows, Linux etc. It provide wide array of choices that makes the whole web development process seamless and easy. It is a great choice to boost creativity and embed uniqueness into your web development tasks.

• Laravel PHP Framework
It automates testing tasks- by providing Integration with the mailing system. Enables to integrate with tools that make web apps fast. SolutionsNow is Laravel Development Company that is backed by an experienced team

  • Code Igniter Web Framework

It provides all the feature to create a multi-dimensional and straightforward application. Code ignitor is fast with high performing features. It has open-source platform to build websites rapidly. SolutionsNow offer web services in codeignitor web framework

  • Cake PHP Framework

CakePHP is a fast development framework. No Code generation and no apache settings needed, you can work from any web directory It has security, email features, and has request handling ingredients. At SolutionsNow we also offer CakePHP development services

  • Zend Framework

Zend Framework is ideal for developers that are at the start of their career. It comes with a lot of functionalities and is a more reliable platform. Zend has a completely object-oriented programming console.

  • Yii PHP Framework

Yii Framework allows automation of repeating tasks. It easy to configure and helpful in writing well-organized and advanced codes for websites.

  • Symfony PHP Framework

Symfony is the fastest framework. Due to its high adaptability, it is easy to use. Developers prefer symphony for fast loading speed and it reduced the development time.


We use the following databases to store information:

1) MySQL

  • MySQL stands for “My structure query language.
  • The language used to build MySQL is C+ and C++
  • It is commonly used for web database
  • MySQL has found a wide variety of applications in e-commerce and logging apps.

2) MariaDB

  • It is often considered an alternative for MySQL
  • It is scalable, robust and is quick
  • MariaDB server always guarantees high reliability and maintain good efficiency

3) MongoDB

  • MongoDB allows the application creation and developer can store, manage information using MongoDB
  • Support fast iterative growth
  • Helps in collaboration of big teams

4) Redis

  • Redis is the acronym of remote directory
  • All Redis data stays in memory, as compared to databases that store data on external or internal hard drives
  • Redis provides flexible data arranged into the perfect structure
  • Enables you to simplify your codes


Website performance is based on using advanced web designs that boost your business’s sales and enhance the user interactivity level. If your websites have poor speed and are not meeting the modern web design standards it could impede your firm’s reputation- driving down your employees’ morale and leaving a negative impact on the customers.


AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile page. It helps to make your website compatible with mobiles. Making SEO, friendly mobile pages has become easier due to this feature. It can also help in mobile ranking and create a significant opportunity to become a dynamic business leader.


React JS is also a perfect programming language to build a user-oriented website that makes web optimization simple as well. It is crucial for determining any issues that arise on JavaScript and helps in the proper functioning of your website.

  • HTML5

HTML 5 is another programming language that web developers use- it helps provide a clutter-free experience to users by eliminating distractions from web pages and reducing disruptions. It is compatible with the latest web development features and known for its dual functionality serving both humans and computers.


It is also related to the clear and succinct representation of your web components. It is easy to use and offers more convenience- saving timing in extra code writing Angular Js helps tackle the challenges faced in developing the one-page application.

Questions and Answers

What programming language is used for Web design?

The most popular programming language among web designers is JavaScript. Other languages include HTML and CSS. Due to the adaptive nature of java and its easiness with other browsers, it is flexible to use. So, to create an interacting and user-friendly experience, java is preferred among developers.

What Does a Web Designer Do?

A web designer designs the website according to the requirement of the customers. He is required to do coding, finalizing the design and making a spectacular layout for the website. A designer makes certain website has high functionality knowing different programming languages.

What Is a Responsive Website?

A responsive website fits perfectly with small screen resolutions, including tablets, android phones, and smartphones. It is equally responsive on both small and large screens like desktops and laptops. A responsive website makes a completely unique user experience and enhances usability.


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