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Pioneering the Technology with Creativity

We are a company that offers their clients a whole host of services relating to the IT needs of a client. Our area of expertise extends to many fields that branch off from such simplistic needs.

There are many companies in the market which offer the same services as we do. Rightly so, the question remains what makes us different?

What We Offer
Grand designs for your websites and continued innovative development to attract more clients.
IT Support
Get access to constant support without interruption. Never worry about your website going down.
Design & Development
Get amazing new website designs. Upgrade & develop existing ones to stand against the competition.
Digital Marketing
Make your website and your brand name be recognized in online platforms, in every corner of internet.
Modernize healthcare makes things easier than ever before. We can make it accessible to all.
Small Businesses garner special focus from us. We can take them to new heights of success.
Technology Providers
Solutions Now equips its clients with latest technology to compete with the world on equal footing.
Advisory Services
Take advantage of our expert advice; get started on the journey to success through our guidance.
We maintain vigilance for our faithful clients and remain available for assistance round-the-clock.
Business Applications
Allow your business to prosper by creating new and splendid applications; put your clients at ease.
Our experience design arm, method, helps businesses
Our experience Website Development arm, method, helps businesses
Our experience SEO arm, method, helps businesses

Hyperactive IT Department

Existence of IT personnel with a drive to
prove their superiority and competence.

Customer Satisfaction

An oath of never doing a job half-hearted
and satisfying those who trusted us.

Seekers of Innovation

Never taking the roads well-traveled, making
our own paths and discovering new ways.

Core Services

IT Support Team in Dallas

We have a specialist expert team that can offer both remote and onsite assistance. We are always ready to serve you. Our Dallas, Texas staff is highly equipped and fully trained to maintain and run any IT setup. We can manage your systems, provide secure networks, give a secure backup, and deal with any IT glitch that you experience. We have been serving the healthcare sector for a quite long time and our staff has acquired those traits that can make you the leader in the industry.
Our innovative approach matches seamlessly to your healthcare culture and we provide measurable results that resonate with your high expectations. We ensure that you meet unique needs and provide cost-effective solutions that are affordable and well within your budget.

Our Happy Customers


I feel I must write to thank you for your help and for excellent work with the website design. We are delighted with the high quality of the website, it really does look nice website and very professional too. We will have no hesitation in recommending you to many of our friends. All success to you in the future.

Dali Kunich

SolutionsNow Group has an amazing set of services. We were really happy with the prompt feedback. They handled our issues with the best possible solution. They never disappoint.

David Nguyen

SolutionsNow has the most enthusiastic team, they are always eager to understand and deliver. During the 4 weeks when my company was going over a complete makeover, SolutionsNow customer services personnel were in complete contact with me. They updated me on every point of the design and development stage. I am a happy customer of SolutionsNow.

Adam Mathew

The services offered by SolutionsNow are the best in the industry. They always fulfill their promise and never compromise on the quality of the services. Their SEO services are one of a kind and they have exceeded their performance in total.


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