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Dental IT Support

More and more dental practices are relying on Dental IT Support to bring their patients the best possible dental care. Integration of Technology into the profession of dentistry has become quite cordial in 21st century. Technology can help you practice your dentistry services more proficiently up to patients’ satisfaction. You can acquire the trust of your clients and attract younger generation as potential clients through technological lure. Your patients can comfort themselves in your care once they see the increased efficiency and dental care at par excellence.

To avail such opportunities, you need particularized implementation of the best Dental IT Support in Texas. Such cordial implementation requires maintenance, planning and ultimate adherence. Our Dental IT Solutions Services manage, monitor, and maintain complete IT infrastructure of your practices. We remotely access your systems so that the problems are vehemently solved rendering quick solutions without much hassle.

Managed Dental IT Support Services

Managed IT Services add value regardless of profession and walk of life. You can increase the productivity, efficiency and profitability of your dental practice through such services. Our experienced technicians can provide you with complete Dental IT Support round-the-clock. We bring and maintain every aspect of your tech-based services for peak performance. We can create nonvolatile and damage-proof backups for your operational data. Also we can monitor your active or inactive workstations for quick maintenance and restriction of data flow. We can create a complete disaster recovery program for any situation. All such services are available at a meager monthly costs.

Dental IT Support

Dental Tech Integration

There is a lot of new tech in the market that can entirely revolutionize the profession of Dentistry. Solutions Now has been providing its clients with the latest software and hardware services. To compete with the market, your business needs many such techs and constant Dental IT Support to maintain their functionality. A few examples of Dentistry-based tech are;

  • Digital X-ray Devices
  • 3D Imaging and Modeling Applications
  • CAST Scans
  • Cone Beams
  • Intraoral Cameras
  • Panoramic
  • Imaging Software.

Solutions Now plans and implements the most effective tech solutions for your business. We can also provide ongoing Dental IT Services to ensure your investments are running smoothly.

Tech Compliance Implementation

There are several compliance laws that pertain to healthcare industry and are obligated to be followed. These laws are not just to avoid prosecution, but also to safeguard your patients. Keeping the patients’ files and other relevant data completely secure is very important. The regulations of HIPAA, HITECH and WISP are to be followed without exceptions.

The Dental IT Support professionals in Solutions Now have extensive knowledge of such regulations and their necessity. We offer our assistance to ensure you and your staff to fully comply with them. We can train your staff and professionals to properly operate the tech and maintain vigilance. Also, we continuously monitor your practice and ensure a smooth transition to regulatory changes.

Chief Technology Partner

Large scale organizations typically hire an internal IT consultant to handle their IT related issues. However, majority of Dental practices are not so resourceful to afford them. Solutions Now offers its services to become your Chief Technology Partner. We can offer our consultation services and ensure that you make informed decisions. Through our help, you can focus all your efforts on well being of the patients. All the while, Solutions Now provides you with the best Dental IT Support in Texas.

The Excellence Of Solutions Now In Dental It Support

We provide complete Dental IT Support to our valuable clients. These services include Support, Consultation, Monitoring, Management and Maintenance. We help you install and maintain the highly prevalent software products in pertinent circles, i.e. Dentrix Dental IT System. We provide round the clock maintenance and on-site support. Our monitoring will ensure that your software is running smoothly.

The services offered by Solutions Now are highly coveted and fully supported by very experienced Dental IT Support Experts.

Many of our clients depend upon us to ensure their system runs smoothly. We ensure their computers, servers or other dental infrastructures run without any problems. We offer proper backup for any scenario in which a system becomes corrupt or suffers from an attack. We also offer disaster recovery program that acts as a contingency in the face of a catastrophe. Our constant monitoring also allows us to be aware when the system may experience failure. We dispatch appropriate counter measures immediately before the problem becomes too hectic. Also, we believe in prevention of problems more than recovery from problems as part of our Dental IT Services.

Solutions Now provides the best Dental IT Support in Texas. We encourage regular contact with the clients for support and other queries. We encourage inquiring minds, as it tends to make people more vigilant. Our team is always available for any problem at hand. Many of our clients can attest to this fact. We never give false hope or drag our feet when our help is called upon in the wee hours of the night. After all, customer satisfaction is the tenant upon which our firm was founded.

We long in to our client’s servers and ensure they are being upgraded and maintained accordingly. We keep consistent abreast of the health of your system as part of our Dental IT Services.

Solutions Now has a diverse team of administrators. All of them are highly trained and experienced in their respective fields. We work hard to exceed the expectations of our clients. The vast list of clients already served is a testament to our dedication and expertise


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