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Managed IT Services in Dallas, Texas

Solutions Now is the best to provide you with any aspect of Managed IT Services. we can provide individual services, upgrades to existing services and we can even act as offsite IT Department. Also we have worked in the industry for a long time. We have proven to be the best many times over. Our services are top notch in the market while simultaneously being the cheapest. Any new startup or major upgrade demanding business can afford us.

Outsourcing the IT Services – An Essential Trait for Success

No small or medium sized business can afford all the associated services with IT as in-house job. This is no doubt an essential service without which you cannot hope to succeed in the market. The best solution would be to outsource your assorted IT requirements to a capable 3rd party firm.

Serve You as Offsite IT Department with our Managed IT Services

Solutions Now can provide your business with professional services and technology. We assure you those services will ensure continuity of your business operations with more efficiency than ever before. We can develop or upgrade to the best desktop software for your business. Also we can serve the best anti-virus software to our clients. Solutions Now can take responsibility to monitor your devices and network round-the-clock. We can proactively keep your system sharp with regular updates and preventative maintenance. We also offer ample onsite and remote support.

Managed it services

The Common Managed IT Services We Provide

Solutions Now offer an extensive list of technology services. We can save you significant monetary resources through our managed IT services.

1. Managed Antivirus

Solutions Now can provide you with the very best anti-virus software currently on the market. We can provide ample protection for your workstations, laptops, as well as mobile workstations. The latest iteration of our software includes anti-malware, anti-ransomware, anti-exploit and anti-spam upgrades. No one with malicious intentions would be able to destroy your years of hard work as long as we are standing guard. No hacking or phishing attempts will succeed. Moreover, the access to potentially harmful areas of web will also be limited through company servers. We can provide dormant commands in your servers to stop any outbound sensitive technology automatically, such as credit card information, social security numbers etc. Finally, we can provide the option of encryption to our clients that will ensure the safety of their data even if a hacker manages to bypass all security measures and steal valuable intel.

2. Managed Data Protection And Backup Services

Solutions Now can provide a backup solution for all your sensitive data. We can create a backup plan which can be altered to suit the need for a client corporation’s needs. The IT infrastructure and disaster recovery of every business is different. Our services are designed to fall into the mold and become custom tailored to suit the prerequisites. We can install on-site servers as local and standby storage in case of hardware failure. Also, we can set up your system that it is automatically updated with frequent intervals. We offer complete recovery of your data through our off-site backups, most likely cloud. However, individual preference can be indulged. The backups are guaranteed to be encrypted as they are transferred from the off-site servers to the company servers.

3. Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Solutions Now takes pride in helping their clients recover from any unfortunate situation with minimal waste of resources. We prepare measures before hand that ensure your company will recover from a catastrophe one hundred percent. We can implement our own general disaster recovery system. Also we can create one to suit a client’s needs specifically. Our recovery system can be altered to suit the unique requirements of a corporation. As part of our disaster recovery service, we can have a local storage and backup server to compensate for hardware failure. Our backup system can periodically make upgrades to save as much data as possible. We can offer a full recovery within a very short time so business operations may resume. The data transferred for recovery is fully encrypted to prevent theft.

4. Managed Network Monitoring Services

Solutions Now has a network monitoring system that constantly watches your operations and keeps a silent vigil. Its purpose being to scan the network, servers, workstations and other assorted devices for any irregularities. The monitoring system takes immediate action in case of system failure and responds immediately. We can offer a client a glimpse into our networking system and let them see their own company in real-time. The client can run their own reports and be satisfied as to the efficacy if the system. This service is very important. Because without it, any issues in servers or various applications would not be detected until they start affecting the overall system. At that point, it would be costly and headache inducing to correct the issues.

5. Preventative Maintenance Software Programs

Solutions Now believe in always being prepared for the worse. We believe in remaining vigilant and pre-empting the possible threats. We always advise our clients to keep their servers and firewalls up-to-date to keep safe. You never know when a ransomware or any other kind of data breach may occur. Preparing contingencies is a very good thing, as you would already be aware of action plan in case of disaster. Moreover, constant upgrading and vigilance will also ensure the prevention of many other associated risks. Your systems will keep running optimally. Any hole in the security or any failure in system will be detected long before it becomes as issue. And finally, the lifespan of your hardware and software will increase significantly. Ultimately this action will prove itself to be lesser expensive than you might have initially dreaded.


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