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HIPAA IT Support

Solutions Now offers HIPAA IT Support, Maintenance, Consultation, and Backups for your medical practice. All our services are completely compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

The healthcare industry is undoubtedly a very profitable one. But it can become even more profitable with the inclusion of HIPAA Compliance Solutions. However, it has its own fair share of risks. IT-related risks are especially high in healthcare. The patient’s data is very crucial in a medical setting. Loss or theft of data could prove much troublesome for both the client and the doctor. This is what makes the government take stringent measures in the form of civil acts. Consequently, they levy heavy fines in case of the smallest infarctions. These measures are to keep the said industry on its toes. We take these problems very seriously. They can make or break an organization.

HIPAA IT Support

We offer improved quality and care for the patients through our regulation-compliant technology. Solutions Now can keep your patient’s data secured and readily available. Our HIPAA IT Support infrastructure will also speed up the healthcare process a lot. All the relevant data will be at the fingertips of the hospital. There will be no need for searching through the archives for relevant files. We try and bring the unique IT challenges faced in a hospital environment come to fruition. We can streamline networking, technology, and security for our clients. All of these services will not only fulfill HIPAA Compliance Solutions, but also other federal regulations. Such as ICD-10 and Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

We can Design, Install, Support, and Maintain the Highest Quality HIPAA IT Support Infrastructure for Medical Institutions.

For many years we have worked to bring modern IT infrastructure to all forms of professions; Healthcare stands on the top of the list. We have timely complied with changing times, constantly evolving technology, and every rendered HIPAA IT Support regulation. This has gained us a wealth of valuable experience and knowledge. Our efforts have gained us a deeper understanding of the entire system. We wish to impart that cordially acquired understanding to our valuable clients as well.

All the services rendered by Solutions Now are HIPAA Compliance Solutions. We also offer Medical Practice Management Software Support. We can offer proper Billing Software Support which makes the process a lot smoother and more seamless. Data backups are one of the most prioritized features of our IT packages. Also, we provide proper contingencies for Disaster Recovery. We can offer EMR/HER Software Support to ease the burden on the harried staff. We offer proper security and encryption for Patients Data and complete HIPAA IT Support with validated protocols. We are experienced in all mainstream healthcare software circulating the market and proficiently proffer proper support for them all.

What We Offer

There are many crucial elements for the effectuated implementation of proper HIPAA IT Support in a healthcare environment. We focus on and try to fulfill all such elements. The most important aspects of our proficient services are multifarious.

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HIPAA IT Support Regulation Compliance:

We implement the correct HIPAA Compliance Solutions and their pertinent policies and procedures. They will significantly diminish the chances of being fined by law and regulation agencies. We also advise the employees of our clients to entail stringent measures such as using complex passwords, screen protectors, mandatory timeout screensavers, etc.

Data and Network Security:

We are proficient in setting up proper equipment and infrastructure with appropriate security measures. We install firewalls and routers. We protect your data and servers with world-class anti-virus, anti-malware, and anti-ransomware software products. We also prevent your system from completely failing or shutting down by an outside attack.

Data Backups and Disaster Recovery:

We offer daily backups with a significantly longer period of retention. We also offer a disaster recovery plan as a contingency. The best encryption algorithms protect this data. HIPAA IT Support services are incomplete without proper backups. That’s the reason we pay extra focus to it.

High-Speed Network:

We offer an extremely high-speed network with a very high bandwidth connection to our clients. The communication as to inter and intra organization will be extremely smooth. Every kind of data can be easily transmitted and received through all available platforms. The connections are fully guaranteed to be strong, secure, and efficient.

HIPAA IT Support Associated IT Support:

Constant monitoring of every computer, network, server, and other appliance is very much essential in a healthcare setting. The failure of a single device at a critical time can mean life and death for the patient. We offer constant and seamless HIPAA IT Support to our clients. We upgrade all systems and perform maintenance algorithms on a regular basis. We respond quickly to any malicious alert regardless of the time and day.

Data Archiving:

Archiving the data is very important in a healthcare setting. There are several government regulations that insist on it. HIPAA Compliance Solutions require patients’ data to be kept for a minimum of seven years. Solutions Now provides ample options for archiving bulky data in ultimate compliance with pertinent regulations and HIPAA Laws.


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