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IT Consulting Services in Dallas, Texas

It isn’t easy to move forward in the tech-savvy world when you have to deal with big IT ventures and manage day-to-day progress when running old fashioned tools and systems. At Solutions Now, we fully integrate Information technology into your business process- which will help you capture market revenue, eliminate downsizing and alleviate your organizational structure.

If you require assistance for an ongoing business project, support for ground operations, investment decisions- our IT strategic consulting can be of great significance for you. We can help you take your business infrastructure growth in the right direction by eliminating conventional practices. 

What IT Strategic Consulting services does SolsNow offer?

Solutions Now IT services restore your IT process and make it as per the level of business needs. We have experienced technical staff, which offers consultation consultancy on complete, quick, and profitable optimization of IT setup and processes to guarantee tangible business productivity. We make a plan that would help to form a varied IT setup and will assist existing organizations configurations and also be valuable when you are initiating new business.  


Our IT Consulting Services include

IT Support

Information Technology consultant services provide software and network solutions for any organization. It ensures the continuity of the process, and adds unique value to your business horizon. With proper IT support, you can grow your corporation reputation and handle any issue with ease and proficiency.

Managed Antivirus

Managed Antivirus makes sure your system stays secure from all kinds of external and internal threats. Your security is our top priority, and we go extra miles to make your security system impenetrable.  With us by our side, you will be 100% immune to any cyberattack. 

Dental IT Support

IT consultancy for dentists means a lot. Every patient wants his doctor to serve him with his full potential. Our IT support services will eliminate all your worries on the technical side so you can focus on your patients without any disruption. 

Managed Data Protection and Backup

Managed data protection and backup are essential for the safety of information and data stored in the server and systems. Our data protection plan will ensure that you have access to your valuable data at all times.

Preventative Maintenance Software Programs

Preventive maintenance software makes the working of equipment easy and efficient. It automates the whole procedure and reduces the cost, which could help your business to flourish.  One of the major benefits of these software is that they will prevent sudden failures that impact your business’s tendency to grow. 

Managed Networking Monitoring Service

Managed networking monitoring service allows you to operate seamlessly with less complications. We will create an agile and cost-efficient system that will help to surge your performance capability while lowering any irregular costs and simplifying the course for you. 

Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Managed Disaster recovery service is of great significance when you or your organization is faced with an unfortunate incident. Our IT consultants will provide continuity to your business in disastrous circumstances. You will have more control over your organization. Without it, you risk losing far more than your reputation. 

HIPAA IT Support

Complying with HIPAA is becoming more challenging for many health practitioners, and if you have failed to meet the guidelines, you could lose your license. This is where we come in, our services will make sure that you adhere to the regulations of HIPAA, and we make certain that you serve your clients by fulfilling the highest health standards. Solutions Now technology consulting service is up to date and adopts modern practices to bring the expected outcome through HIPPA IT Support

Our IT Consulting Process


The analysis is the stage where we make the assessment and break down the complicated issue into simple components- This helps to find more feasible solutions to underlying problems. Our IT consulting advisors are adept in this field. Data analysis helps the consultant of Solutions Now draw precise conclusions that narrow down what action plan is needed to address the issue. 


A successful IT strategy demands an expert commitment and dedication- It sets the direction for success and ensures the work’s collaborative nature.  IT consulting firms like ours will constitute a strategy that can benefit you in the long run.  To optimize your industrial scaling, a robust, proactive and fully functional IT strategy is required. 


Good communication between the client and IT consulting Company is necessary for the successful implementation of IT integration. Our IT consulting services will track and monitor the performance and pinpoint the weak links in the chain. Our software experts then work on these shortcomings and eliminate them to keep your workflow smooth.


Once we are done with the three mentioned stages, we will improve your business dynamics for future endeavors. Our software engineers will devise calculated implementation strategy. If there is room for improvement, we will try our best to make it more tangible. 

What is the Solutions Now approach to Strategic It Consulting services?

Solutions Now focuses on delivering customized IT consulting services. We make sure you follow all the guidelines set forth by governing bodies, and our work will mold as per your industrial needs.

How It Consulting services Impact Business?

IT consulting has a lot of pros for business owners. IT consulting firms have expert advisors to serve you; they have perfect strategies that make your organization coherent with modern standards in the Information Technology world.


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