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Become a part of technological revolution and take your small business to new heights.

Small Medium Business IT Solutions

Solutions Now is an IT management firm in Dallas Texas and providing SMB IT Solutions is one our main specialties. We provide IT solutions to business enterprises of small and medium sizes. We can handle every kind of business. Moreover, we are experts in setting up a complete IT infrastructure for a startup business from the ground up. If an organization is looking to undertake the next phase in their growth, there is none better than us to provide SMB IT Solutions.

Excellent SMB Managed IT Services

We provide our assistance that allows organizations to maximize their IT investments. We employ some of the best technological talent available from best schools. Moreover, we ensure all our IT experts are at the top of their game through continued training and certifications.
In today’s world, almost every business utilizes technology at some level. It is conducive to their success in the market. Solutions Now provides excellent SMB IT Solutions which cover a wide range of services. we can design, implement, maintain and manage your network. We can take over the whole IT infrastructure, leaving you to focus on the growth of your business. We provide everything, from custom tailored IT network solutions, to outstanding IT support.

Solutions Now is your trusted IT Support

Our expertise in the SMB IT Solutions allows us to provide help with any service, need or solution relating IT. Such as;
• Managed IT Services
• Pay as You Go Support Services
• VoIP and Unified Messaging Solutions
• Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions
• Network Design and Implementation
• Cloud Network Solutions

Necessity SMB IT Solutions

The progressing technology has penetrated every field. Small businesses can have better reach, diverse client base, and new avenues of marketing; all because of advancements in SMB IT Solutions.

Threats of Cyber Criminals

Safe-guard your small businesses against cyber criminals. Utilize the latest security techniques developed by Solutions Now. So long as our security measures hold, no harm shall befall you.

A One Stop Shop for SMBs

Buy all your technological requirements through one platform. No need to waste resources buying things from multiple vendors and their integration. Solution Now can supply everything.

Solutions Now is the mecca of technology of all kinds

Modernize your small business setup and take it into a new era of technology and revolution.

Software Requirements for SMB IT Solutions

Small businesses are usually never at the forefront of technology. However, that does not mean they are completely cut-off from it either. Increasing number of technological solutions are becoming a necessity in any given modern workplace. Software requirements for SMB IT solutions is a requirement. Small companies use Slack to connect the teams, Outlook for sending important documents and Salesforce for managing customers. They also use Basecamp for planning projects and Google Drive for storing important information regarding the company. Solutions Now believes in merging of such SMB IT Solutions. We believe in an integration of such solutions in such a way that there is no ambiguity left. We work to provide a comprehensive solution for all such technological requirements under one platform. Moreover, we save the time of small business owners and their employees from being spent on trivial tasks while promoting internal efficiency. Our relentless efforts will prove to be a boon in saving time, effort and resources for any given small business. We work hard to give any supremacy of technological kind to our small business clients through SMB IT Solutions.

24x7 Support for SMB IT Solutions

Solutions Now provides a 25x7 Support to all its loyal SMB customers. The level of support varies by requirement of each individual business organizations. We can be there to help with any technical problem the client may face through our SMB IT Solutions. Solutions Now realizes and acknowledges that there are several instances in which a delay may mean loss of revenue and client, so we maintain our response time to the minimum. We also remain vigilant for any break in the system. Our vigilance allows us to spot any anomalies, errors or system failures quickly enough to prevent it from becoming a bigger problem in the future. Our technicians, engineers and programmers are always at beck and call of clients for a serious problem. Constant Vigilance doesn’t allow us leave for relaxation. There are several new businesses which may have worked without internal IT resources. We can help them get their whole internal systems IT compliant and extremely fast. We can make them realize the potential which is carried by technology through our SMB IT Solutions.

The Absolute Need for Security and Confidentiality

The Small Businesses usually do not employ expensive top corporations which provide them very good and very expensive cyber security. They do not have the funds to buy such services, let alone to sustain them for regular upgrades and such. That is why they are an easy target for cyber criminals. There is the absolute need for security and confidentiality for every SMB. According to an estimate around 61% of all cyber attacks occur against small business owners. Solutions Now thinks it is time SMBs start viewing security through lens of a proper enterprise business. Proper SMB IT Solutions must be acquired. Hackers and net-based criminals are a reality in today’s world which everyone remotely prosperous suffers from. A proper cyber attack could steal all crucial information from the servers of a small business. You can then be blackmailed by the criminal holding your data hostage. Solutions Now remains vigilant towards any exploitation holes in your system security. We take pride in our ability to safeguard our client’s interests through our SMB IT Solutions.

Personalized & Social Media Marketing

Personalized & social media marketing is becoming viable avenue for most businesses to showcase their products and connect to customers. This is the new and dynamic approach towards 21st century marketing. Consumers want authenticity and recommendations when the market is so huge. Solutions Now fulfills that requirement and more through its SMB IT Solutions. Through personalized marketing we can help an SMB connect with intended customer base and create a niche in the market. We work to understand a business’ needs and market accordingly. Social media marketing is the most effective type of personalized marketing in today’s world. We can create unique and different content to engage customers through social media. This way we can cut through all the middle channels and reach the consumer directly. According to an estimate, three quarters of U.S. consumers purchased a product they saw in social media post of a brand. We wish our clients to dip their toes into this market through our excellent SMB IT Solutions Services.

The Need for Recovery Backups

It is usually considered prudent to be ready for anything, lest disaster strike when you are not prepared. Solutions Now puts great emphasis in taking counter measures in case the initial security measures are breached despite the caution. The need for recovery backups is a must. SMBs require comprehensive backups and disaster recovery contingencies to keep them floating and Solutions Now can easily provide that. We insist upon preparation of multiple backups for every possible scenario. We ensure the raw data is properly backed up both onsite and offsite. Moreover, we also ensure that the disaster recovery strategy comes into effect when required. Unfortunately, our findings have revealed not many small businesses have adequate backups or even at all. This shows the lack of acquiring SMB IT Solutions. We seek to rectify such situation before valuable assets are lost. Solutions Now ensures all healthcare clients fully comply with these two civil acts through our SMB IT Solutions. The non-compliance can cause a lot of fines and loss of reputation among the customer base. With our help, the risk is minimized and adherence to the law is held in supreme regard.


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