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Following are the terms of an agreement between Solutions Now and a Client.

1. Purpose and Authorization
The Client is engaging Solutions Now to gain Managed IT Services and Support Maintenance to Client’s specified location or network. The Client authorizes Solutions Now to communicate or request to add/update services with directly 3rd party service providers, vendors, employees and building management on behalf of the client.

2. Access to Premises and 3rd Party Tools
The Client agrees to provide access to Solutions Now to all their primary locations and servers for appropriate services installation and administration. Client understands that Solutions Now will not be responsible for any damage or losses if any unforeseen event happens to the building or office. Client also agrees that if Client does not provide or arrange Solutions Now the requested information on time then Client will be responsible for the delay in troubleshooting and operations.

3. Designated Client Representative
The Client is allowed to designate a single representative to work with Solutions Now to ensure all the tickets, work orders and requests have reached their intended target.

4. Services Provided by Solution Now
Solutions Now shall provide the Client with all designated Services. All of them will be provided to Client in accordance with the established policies and procedures of Solutions Now.

IT Support
Solutions Now provides complete Support for IT Infrastructure of the client’s firm or corporation. The Support criteria may include hardware, software, network, servers or other managed IT Services. The range of services and support is specified in the contract.

Digital Marketing
Solutions Now provides complete services for marketing through any online means. We can promote a company’s name, image or brand through SEO services. We can promote it through paid ads. We can do the promotion through social media. The range of marketing is kept within the defined parameters of the contract with the client.

Web & Software Development
Solutions Now can provide the client with the services for web or software development. Our developed products will be unique and will not be plagiarized from any outside source. The quality of the final product is dependent upon the agreement of the client. Rest assured, any product designed and developed by Solutions Now will be of optimum quality and efficiency.

Software Support
Solutions Now provides technical support for all software approved or supplied by Solutions Now. It includes the compatibility with Windows Operating Systems, Drivers, MS Office, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Antivirus.

A technician provided by Solutions Now will install software that is required by the Client for business-related purposes. Solutions Now reserves the right to test, analyze and refuse installation of software which proves to be detrimental to system, security or performance of Solutions Now.

Hardware Support
Solutions Now provides technical support for computer equipment like Laptops, Desktops, Terminals, Server, NAS. Technical Support includes setup, configuration, upgrade and/or troubleshooting to ensure an efficient and secure computing environment.

Network Support
Client will provide free access of existing concealed ethernet network infrastructure to Solutions Now, which will in turn provide network support, troubleshooting, adding extra ports for Client to access resources.

The staff at helpdesk will available Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Client can also request support by sending an email at helpdesk@solsnow.com. A client may also contact through phone at (972) 914-2991.
Remote support can be provided to the client on first priority and onsite support can be arranged within one business day. The circumstances and billings for onsite support will be determined by Solutions Now.

Backups and Archiving
Solutions Now uses 3rd part software and Network Attached Storage (NAS) to ensure data availability and archiving. Solutions Now will schedule daily backups so data is not lost.

Response Time
All logged requests are responded based on priority.

  1. Critical Priority. The technician makes initial contact with the client within 30 minutes. The goal is to resolve the problem within three hours of contact.
  2. High Priority. The technician makes initial contact with the client within 60 minutes. The goal is to resolve the problem within six hours of contact.
  3. Medium Priority. The technician makes initial contact with the client within one business day. The goal is to resolve the problem within three days of contact.
  4. Low Priority. The technician makes initial contact with the client within three business days and negotiates a schedule for resolution of the problem.
    Note: The time limits given above are subjected to negotiation within the contract. The above-mentioned limits are mere estimates, they are not absolute. Hence, they may not be used against Solutions Now in any way for a legal action or otherwise.

Other Services
If Client requires special technology products or services that are not directly provided by Solutions Now, we may recommend a qualified contractor who specializes in providing such services. The cost or the Contract will rest solely on the Client and Solutions Now will claim no responsibility for 3rd party actions.

5. Client Responsibilities
a) The Client agrees to notify Helpdesk in case separation between any employee or subcontractor.
b) The Client agrees to include Solutions Now in any technology-related planning activity.
c) The Client agrees to remove any unauthorized 3rd party technology.
d) The Client ensures that all 3rd parties are pre-approved by Solutions Now before providing any Software, Hardware or Support services.
e) The Client ensures to submit a signed Solutions Now Media Policy and follows all the provisions.

6. Internet Services Requirements
(This provision only applies to clients who utilize the services of ISPs)
The Client is responsible for providing and paying for Internet through ISPs. Client is also responsible for all charges related to the use of internet through ISPs, as well as adhering to their terms and conditions.

7. IP Phones / PBX
(This provision only applies to clients who utilize IP Phones or PBX extensions contracted by Solutions Now i.e. Phone and Data.)
The operations provided by Solutions Now are subject to the contract a Client may have with any Cloud PBX Provider. Hence, any breakdowns and failovers will be complete responsibility of PBX Provider, not Solutions Now.
Cloud PBX and hosted PBX are both provided through 3rd party extensions; which are sister companies of Solutions Now. The liability for any lapses will lie with the service provider companies, and not with Solutions Now.
The Client is required to pay for any PBX services and adhere to the terms as listed by the service provider. Solutions Now has no part in this, except authorization.

8. Routine Line of Action and Deliveries
Solutions Now will follow the line of action to deliver the requisites as mentioned below:

  1. One Time Initial Setup and Configuration
  2. Once a Month Onsite Inspection Visit
  3. Weekly Server Task and Performance Inspection
  4. Daily Backup Verification
  5. Regular Antivirus Updates
  6. Standby Technical Support

(Note: Specifics can be negotiated for every contract separately)

9. Payment Schedule
The Fees and a Client must pay to Solution Now are due and payable on the following schedule;

  1. Scheduled Monthly payment is to be paid between 1st and 3rd of each month.
  2. Initial Installation and Configuration payment is to be paid at the time of signing the Contract.

10. Agreement Tenure
Solutions Now agrees to work with the client in a timely manner to complete the contract. Solutions Now also agrees to complete the contract in time limit specified within the contract. The Client agrees to follow through all terms of the contract and agrees to be held responsible for any delays, if the delays are caused by some problems on Client’s end.

11. Payment Transaction Terms
Payment can be sent to Solutions Now in following ways;

  1. Cash
  2. Bank Wire
  3. Cheque
  4. Debit/Credit Card (3% transaction fees apply)

12. Terms for Taxes and 3rd Party Transaction Fee
Taxes and 3rd party transaction fee are not included in the proposed amount. They will be paid separately by the Client.

13. Force Majeure
No party will be held responsible for unforeseen events that are beyond either party’s reasonable control. These events include weather delays, government restrictions, unforeseen commercial delays or acts of God. If any of the scheduled event(s) are delayed because of such conditions and circumstances, they may be rescheduled for another time.

14. Contract Term – Renewal
In addition to any stated renewal periods in the Contract, any Contract thereof let by the Parties may be extended by the Parties for an additional period(s) of up to one year with the written concurrence of the Company and Client. Incase of no written agreement of renewal after the expiry of the Contract term, Contact will be exercised on a month-to-month basis.

15. Termination of Contract
The Agreement may not be amended, altered, modified, or changed except by an addendum signed by all parties hereto by either party within the Agreement term period; Month-to-month Agreements may be terminated at any time with or without cause, upon a minimum of thirty (30) days’ advanced written notice to the other party.

16. Entire Agreement
The formal agreement in a contract will contain the entire understanding between the parties hereto relating to the subject matter contained herein and supersedes any and all prior agreements, arrangements, communications or representations, whether oral or written. The Agreement may not be amended, altered, modified, or changed except by an addendum signed by all parties hereto. Any payment related queries shall be forwarded only to the persons signing the contract.


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