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5 Different Types of the Most Effective Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?


Email marketing is a type of promotion that can make the readers on your email list mindful of new offers, discounts, and details about the product. It uses email to promote your brand. It informs the customers of all the details and latest features of your services, and if done right, can lead to the success of any marketing campaign. The biggest plus that it offers is creating brand loyalty, customer interaction, and making new customers. Provide you with new leads and make the process of your business as smooth as possible.


Here is the crucial figure for you, only 3-4% of emails get clicks. It is merely that many advertisers do not have proper knowledge of how to carry out email marketing effectively.


Email marketing reaps a lot of advantages for any advertising campaign. Some of them are as follows:

  • Email is one of the most influential media of communication. More than 90% of people daily check their mails. The number is higher than any other medium.
  • There is no risk of account suspension or deletion in the mail. You can select your list and can send the emails the way you please.
  • Emails offer a better conversion rate. Many researches have shown that people spend more on email marketing campaigns than any other form of promotion. Better conversion and better return on investment as well. In comparison to social media, sends can increase the chance of your success by 400%. That is huge!

In this article, we have made a list of the five most effective electronic mail marketing types that you can use to carry out your campaign successfully.


1. ‘Welcome’ Emails

The first impression is the last. Whenever you get a potential lead, the first thing you should do is to send them a brilliant ‘Welcome’ message. A well-crafted welcome email can open new doors of opportunities and generate a soft, productive image of your brand in customers’ minds.


Benefits of Welcome Email

  • It provides the customer details about your company. It gives them the know-how and what to expect from you.
  • Welcome emails tell the customer that you will stay in touch with them—many people signup for an email with no expectations of getting more emails. But welcome letters set the tone and tell them that they can expect more content, so you don’t get lost in the spam folder.

2. Dedicated Emails

These are purely business mails and mean to inform the public on a specific plan. It can be a seminar that you are holding, the launch of a new service, or any other essential detail.

Dedicated sends allow you to blend different promotional techniques to induce favorable action from the targeted individuals. Such a marketing method can get you more call to action and make you acquainted with people’s needs.



  • Dedicated emails are easy to craft and have high value for the readers. You have to focus on what you are offering and devise the content accordingly. Don’t use fancy photos or infographics—just a simple layout for readers.
  • It allows you to monitor the progress of your campaign. You can easily see who has followed through and who doesn’t.

3. Newsletter Emails

Newsletters regularly remind your customers of the worth of your product or service. It is a great way to increase brand awareness. Before sending a newsletter, you must have a clear goal in your mind. Do you want to retain existing customers? Or do you want to expand your business horizon? Deciding what you wish to achieve and proceeding further is critical to get more conversions.



  • Newsletter generates more brand loyalty and trustworthiness of your services.
  • It does not need much time as you send them to readers. Sometimes it is just meant to inform the readers and can be a simple automated response.

4. Lead Nurturing Emails

Lead nurturing emails can turn your potential customers into your regular buyers. Lead nurturing emails need a lot of time to constitute, but it is a perfect way to involve your subscribers. There are mainly two kinds of this email. One is automated and does not require much effort- it usually updates the readers and focuses on one point of your service. The second one requires more hard work, but it can reap a lot of benefits. It gives your prospective clients a clear idea about the specific features of your product.



  • It allows you to connect with clients and is a highly personable email. 
  • According to HubSpot, lead nurturing emails generate more engagement than any other form of email marketing.

5. Dedicated Emails 

Dedicate emails educate the audience about one offer; they are also known as stand-alone information. It does not hold any significant promotional value. They are sent to provide information about any new upcoming event.



  • It focuses on generating results by keeping one goal in mind. It is a customized message and not always all the subscribers in the mailing list.
  • It is easy to track the progress of such messages. You can check the click-through rate and page views to determine the success of your send.


Summing Up

Successful email marketing is a blend of the highly personalized and tailored message that speaks to people’s needs. SolutionsNow has answers for all your marketing worries. We can run effective social media, content marketing, email marketing, digital marketing, and SEO campaigns and have years of experience. We offer endless opportunities to grow your business and can help you climb the ladder of success.

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