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Participate in the Future by Becoming Technology Viable. This is a Step Towards Progress and Prosperity.

Tech Accounting Firm

At Solutions Now, we put great emphasize on the use of technology in the accounting sector. It is one of our specializations to support accountants and CPAs. We can work with every kind of firm, either small or large with multiple offices. Our priority is to implement the use of Tech Accounting Firm principles that we have developed through our experiences. We work to save the money, save the time and keep the data safe and secure. Accuracy is extremely important in an accounting business. Even a small mistake can derail the whole calculation, especially during peak tax season.
We can manage an IT infrastructure in a way that it will become entirely invisible when managed properly. We focus on the specific tech accounting firm challenges. While you can focus on client acquisition, payroll, tax consulting, and other services.

Protection and Regulations Compliance Go Hand-in-Hand

• We protect your network with strong perimeter defences and firewalls
• We repel viruses, malwares, and phishing attacks
• We encrypt sensitive email and client data
• We review your regulation compliance standards and develop a plan to meet them
• We upgrade your support for peak seasons

Solutions Now vows to deliver a certain level of professionalism and expertise to your tech accounting firm challenges. Following are some of challenges you might face in which we can offer our expert assistance;

• Protection of confidential and private client data
• Sharing of confidential information between your office and clients
• Communication with governmental agencies
• Meeting strict deadlines during peak season

Tech Accounting Firm

Technologically viable infrastructure provides the optimum force necessary for a push towards prosperity. There is no success without overcoming tech accounting firm challenges.

24x7 Support

A Constant and Effective technical support is provided for all our client accounting firms. Troubleshooting, Support, Upgrading and Monitoring are but small parts of it.

Cloud PBX

Get convenient connections between widespread consoles. Become part of growing, but close-knit community within your company. Business Telephone System is key to success.

Solutions Now – A Purveyor of Latest Technology

Walk with us hand in hand into the bright future full of technology and prosperity

Tech Accounting Firm Challenges

Many Accounting Firms never put any thought towards improving their IT infrastructure. They maintain that accounting is a business which is not much affected by advancements in technology. This is a very wrong assumption to ignore tech accounting firm challenges. Technology is synonymous with progress. Increasing number of technological solutions are becoming an absolute necessity in any modern workplace. It won’t be long before every business or organization becomes riddled with technology on a deeper level. The key to any business is generating profit. To do so every business needs comprehensive cash flow report, which is provided by accounting. Technological support allows latest applications to be used for such purposes. Intuit QuickBooks is one such software which is excellent for all accounting purposes. Record keeping, maintaining backups also becomes much easier with the aid of technology. The technological supremacy we provide to our clients will be a boon for tech accounting firm challenges.

24x7 Service in Tech Accounting Firm

All technology is not the same. Each piece of hardware or software has its own peculiarities and specifics. Not everyone is expected to understand its complete working to the deepest level without formal training. They only need concern themselves with utilizing said technology. However, the need for constant maintenance, upgrading and 24x7 service is not satisfied through such actions. This is where tech accounting firm support comes in. Without proper tech support, the system may be prone to crumbling. The slimmest of errors could potentially become large without constant maintenance. The delays caused by system shutting down could cause your clients to become disenchanted with your services. Solutions Now provides that support and keeps the system running. Round the clock monitoring of systems and rapid alerts towards any discrepancy allows for rapid response. Latest upgrades to the softwares can be easily installed for a tech accounting firm. We prevent any delays in your services, thereby increasing your reputation in the market for prompt work.

Setup Servers Active Directory

Many modern accounting firms have offices spread out in multiple locations. It requires them to setup servers active directory. They use branches in different cities or states to gain more business. But most of all, they work with overseas branches where proper accountants can be contracted. Depending upon the value of currency and economic conditions, the salaries paid to overseas employees is very low. At least as compared to the local workers. That is one of the main reasons why this venture is so common among the more prosperous of tech accounting firms. Active directory servers are needed for constant communication and large amounts of data to be transferred between overseas branches. This communication can either be obtained through Local, Remote or VPN connection, depending on the location. We can set up all such directories for your tech accounting firm business. Your ingenuity coupled with our tech support will pave the way for greater profits than ever before.

Data Security

Accounting firms that are established in the market as big players can afford to hire top cyber data security firms. However, the start-ups and more moderate tech accounting firms cannot afford to spend so much on such ventures. They lack the funds to buy and sustain such services on a long-term basis. That is how they can become easy targets for cyber criminals. The accounting firms are especially vulnerable as they are entrusted with sensitive information by their clients. A breach on their system does not just hurt them, but all associated customers. Solutions Now provides top-notch security for all technological infrastructure. All opportunist criminals and cyber-attacks will be soundly thwarted with the latest upgrades. Our vigilance and regular maintenance will close any loopholes in security systems. And if all else fails, then we provide encryption for your data. Encryption will not allow the thief to understand the stolen data at all. We vow to safeguard our tech accounting firm client’s interests.

Disaster Management

Being prepared in disaster management is necessary for anyone, but especially so for business owners. These disasters could come in any shape or form. Planning contingencies for every scenario is a very good practice. Solutions Now provides plenty of counter measures against any disaster that may disrupt the IT infrastructure. Tech accounting firm businesses require comprehensive backups to keep them afloat. We provide multiple backups for every possible scenario. We ensure the raw data is properly backed up both onsite and offsite for the tech accounting firm. We also ensure that the disaster recovery strategy immediately comes into effect, when required. Unfortunately, our findings have revealed not many small businesses, including accounting firms invest in adequate backups, or even at all. We seek to rectify such situation before valuable assets are lost and your clients get angry because of the delays.


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