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Managed IT Services in Dallas, Texas

The demand for Managed IT service providers has skyrocketed during the past few years. The reason behind it is simple. Many small corporations need a well-functioning IT structure to sustain business growth. If they are not able to accomplish it, it is because they lack financial investments to achieve that purpose. If you are looking to save dollars, then you can always get the help of managed service providers. Solutions Now is one of it managed services that can provide you with the perfect IT solutions that are efficient and cheap without compromising the quality of the project. We are proficient in handling small and big projects.  We can maintain your network, update software, keep your system and data fully secure.

Managed it services


Managed IT services can reap lasting benefits for your company.  They help to improve the performance of your work and bring revolutionary changes to the business model with up-to-the-minute modifications.

Less Cost

Outsourcing can lower your cost significantly. You will save the amount you have to spend to buy expensive gadgets for the company. Also, you will also keep the money that you have to pay your in-house team in salaries.

Increase Productivity

By leaving all the tasks to a third-party outsourcing firm, you can focus on vital aspects of business operations. A full-time proficient team will handle daily maintenance tasks, ensure your network security, and help to keep your IT infrastructure running seamlessly.


When your company deals with customers, transmitting and communicating confidential information over an open network is riskier. So, security is critical for an organization. MSP has a fully adept security team that looks for data breaches and devises a quick strategy if such an incident happens and keeps the damage to a minimum.

The Common Managed IT Services We Provide

Solutions Now proffers an extensive list of technological services. We can save you significant monetary resources through our Managed IT Services.

1. Managed Antivirus

Solutions Now comes with a complete security package for your company. We have the latest tools, antivirus programs, and anti-malware software to prevent any malicious attack on your system and network. We keep monitoring and updating all the security apparatuses to minimize the chance of any data breach. Fully Managed security service providers enable you to carry out your routine tasks without the risk of data leakage or cyber-attack. We encrypt all your data, including your financial details to make your daily sensitive tasks entirely immune from any hacking attempt. Our Managed antivirus service outperforms several a-listed It managed services companies and is designed to prevent data loss, ransomware attacks, and any possible damage to the hard disk.

2. Managed Data Protection and Backup Services

Are you worried about backup for your data? Being an adept Managed it company, we will entail the backup services and provide a complete backup to all your private data. We offer customized services that suit your business requirements and mold our work to meet all the privacy challenges you face in day-to-day business practices. We offer fully developed services that are well-tested in emergency scenarios before their launch. Our Managed it security services come with both remote servers, and we can shift them to company servers as per your request. We guarantee the privacy and safety of your data and ensure that your data is completely recoverable in case of any malfunctioning or malicious activity.

3. Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Solutions Now take pride in helping their clients recover from any unfortunate situation with minimal waste of resources. We prepare measures beforehand that ensure that your company will recover from a catastrophe one hundred percent. Our It managed services are orchestrated in such a manner that we explicitly can implement our own general disaster recovery system. Also, we can create one to suit a client’s needs specifically. Our recovery system can be altered to suit the unique requirements of a corporation. As part of our disaster recovery Managed it services, we can have local storage and backup server to compensate for hardware failure. Our backup system can periodically make upgrades to save as much data as possible. We can offer a full recovery within a very short time so business operations may resume. The data transferred for recovery is fully encrypted to prevent theft.

4. Managed Network Monitoring Services

Solutions Now has a network monitoring system that constantly watches your operations and keeps a silent vigil. Its purpose is to scan the network, servers, workstations, and other assorted devices for any irregularities. The monitoring system takes immediate action in case of system failure and responds immediately. Ensuring the norms of professionalism of Managed it services providers, We can offer a client a glimpse into our networking system and let them see their own company in real-time. The client can run their own reports and be satisfied as to the efficacy of the system. This service is very important. Because without it, any issues in servers or various applications would not be detected until they start affecting the overall system. At that point, it would be costlier to handle the issue and headache-inducing to correct the issues.

5. Preventative Maintenance Software Programs

Every business needs fully operating machinery to run the business and manufacture the products. If you have to go through the sudden failure of your apparatuses, it can adversely affect your production capacity. Solutions Now will maintain and update your system programs, and software products to prevent any type of malfunction.  Preventive maintenance will ensure that your system keeps running in good shape.  Having a proper monitoring and inspection system will decrease the downtime of equipment- it will also provide the software and hardware’s longevity.  Preventive maintenance reduces the cost of replacement, and scheduled services of necessary equipment help optimize work performance.

How much Managed IT Services Cost?

Managed IT services are preferred by SMB’s due to their less cost and more effectiveness. For a bearable price, you get full management of the IT setup of your office and keep your business operational. Outsourcing such needs from remote parties also eliminate the extra burden of handling in-house teams. Our Managed it support services are in astute compliance to budgetary expectancy.


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