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10 Cool Things To Post On Facebook That Generate High Engagement

It’s the ultimate aim of every marketer to engage their readers and get organic search traffic. Social media has changed how products and services are marketed on the internet. One specific social media platform that has a broad reach and big appeal in the users is Facebook.

We can say with certainty that Facebook has a prominent place for your business. So, having a strong social media strategy is of utmost significance. You can find everyone on Facebook—including people you are looking to target.

According to one report, more than 60% of marketers have called Facebook the most critical medium while formulating digital marketing strategies. It should not come as a surprise because once you see the Facebook stats, it is obvious…

  • Facebook is a widely used social media platform having over 2 billion followers
  • Over 1 billion Messenger users

In this article, you will know some cool things to post on Facebook to spike up your following. These tips can certainly benefit you in engaging your audience and boost your brand awareness.

1. Begin with a Story

Telling a story is one the best trick that you can use because sometimes words rhyme with people. People can also relate to the story if they have endured the same thing.

If you are promoting a brand, you can start by sharing the CEO’s short interview. A short video presentation will help people to grasp the brand’s mission. It will help you establish a strong emotional bond with Facebook followers.

Telling the stories about your life and how you begin your business can significantly appeal to people. Individuals will not only engage positively with the information but sometimes relate to it.

2. Select Quality Content Over Quantity

Competition is increasing in social media, and brands are sharing more content than ever before. People are focusing on “quantity” rather than providing value to readers.

When Facebook was not that popular as it is now, putting extra content can help you get more likes and views. But, if you use this method now, your marketing plan can suffer a huge deal. It is not a good idea to use quantity over quality.

3. Post on Trending Topics

Focus on writing on those topics that are trending. Such issues attract the viewers, but social media also push such content up in the ranking.

Do in-depth research and see what people are talking about or what to know. Ask them questions, communicate with your fans, and reply to their queries. It will give you a better idea of what to post.

4. Timing

Timing is of the essence in any marketing campaign. This is also true for your posts. Timing your post at the right times can give you the desired results. Most of the posts are scheduled between 12 pm to 7 pm. However, you do not have to rely only on this.

You can use Facebook Audience Insight tool to track your audience activity. It can give you an idea of when to time your posts, the best time to post the content on Facebook, and most importantly, what to post.

5. Post in Non-Peak Hours

Posting content and Facebook posts during peak hours is not a good move. Facebook is bombarded with a lot of content during such crucial hours. Competitors are fighting for a spot during these hours. It will make it more challenging for you to get more interaction from users during peak hours.

So, what’s the alternative to this? Here is the solution: you can always target the audience in non-peak hours. Non-peak hours are generally morning time and are a better solution due to less competition.

6. Use Original Images

Posting creative and original images can give your page a taste of uniqueness. It can add extra flavor to your Facebook post. Make the image colorful, meticulous so that it resonates with the post. Now to do it, you have two options. You can use tools to make an original image or hire someone to do it for you.

7. Be You

The best advice before writing a Facebook post is to be you! Be original and creative. Do not commercialize your content. On Facebook, people interact with colleagues and friends, so post content you do in real life! It can make your brand sound more friendly while still increasing engagement.

Viewers and readers will interact with your content better if you sound like a sentimental individual. Don’t robotize your content.


8. Target Your Audience

You can also talk directly to your target audience through Facebook! Targeted marketing means you are appealing to a specific section of the population. Customize your Facebook post ideas to the desired segment of the people that you want to engage.

9. Use Hashtags in Your Posts

Using hashtag # in Facebook posts is an exciting way to increase engagement!


Hashtags are the words that are searched and are clickable. Usually, people search for specific topics using hashtag words. Using these words in your post can give you a broad reach and more engagement.


10. Offer Promotions

Sometimes you need to motivate your viewers. Offer something new and exciting to readers. One such thing is promotional campaigns. Such campaigns can drive audience interest. Promotions can be a great way to promote your brand while still getting good engagement for you.

Wrapping Up

Facebook is always vital for your content marketing strategy. Facebook focuses on giving the best user experience. If your content can provide an exciting prospect to your users, Facebook will certainly show them to more people. These tips will undoubtedly help you in making the best content and help build brand loyalty.

Always remember, nobody wants to look at dull and boring Facebook posts. There are some occasions when you can add a professional approach to your work, but not always. Be consistent and exciting. If you want to gain an edge in the social media market, follow these tips. You will be amazed to see the outcome.

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