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Tech Insurance Agency

Every insurance firm and broker are feeling pressurized to overcome challenges faced in establishing tech insurance agency. the industry itself is ever changing and evolving in its regulations and requirements. Solutions Now specializes in providing complete IT infrastructure for the insurance firms. We address all the regulatory issues and leverage IT resources to allow our clients gain supremacy in the market. we work to ensure you establish your short-term and long-term goals.

Solutions Now tech insurance agency experts can work alongside your team. We can provide guidance, solutions and support on specific IT challenges faced by you. We can solve the problems before they surface. We believe prevention is much cheaper than solving once a problem has already occurred.

There are government agencies which have issued guidelines or regulation that must be followed. These agencies include State Department of Insurance, FINRA, and the SEC. They have rules regarding logging access to data, defense of an agency’s network, regular reporting on intrusion attempts and development of disaster response. We look to solving all such tech insurance agency challenges in the best way possible.
Solutions Now provides;

• Unlimited IT support
• Regular IT strategy sessions
• IT security maintenance
• IT strengthening through practice implementations

We have worked hard to develop the best practices, strategies and security measure to resolve tech insurance agency challenges. We serve independent agencies, as well as larger conglomerates. We are keen to serve you and share with you all our knowledge we have acquired after years of working.

Tech Insurance Agency

Technologically viable infrastructure provides best advantage necessary for a push towards prosperity. There is no success without overcoming tech insurance agency challenges.

24x7 Support

A Constant and Effective technical support is provided for all our client insurance agencies. Maintenance, Support, Upgrading and Monitoring are but small parts of it.


Get fast and reliable connections between widespread consoles. Unify the growing, but close-knit community within your company. Call Centre Solution is vital to win in Insurance.

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Tech Insurance Agency Requirements

Many Insurance firms never put any thought towards solving their tech insurance agency requirements. They maintain that accounting is a business which is not much affected by advancements in technology. This is a very wrong assumption. Technology is synonymous with progress. It should always be encouraged regardless of profession or reason. Increasing number of technological solutions are becoming an absolute necessity in any modern workplace. It won’t be long before every business or organization becomes riddled with technology on a deeper level. Insurance is something which is required by all individuals, families and corporations regardless of their differences. There are several forms of insurance which are legally mandated by the government. That is the reason insurance is one of the biggest businesses in USA. Technology can simplify the process to a much higher degree. Tech insurance agency challenges fulfillment can allow for maintenance of detailed records, establish connections, maintain backups and much more. Technological supremacy will allow our clients to gain supremacy over their competitors.

24x7 Service

All technology is not the same. Each piece of hardware or software has its own peculiarities and specifics. Not everyone is expected to understand its complete working to the deepest level without formal training. They only need concern themselves with utilizing said technology. However, the need for constant maintenance and upgrading is not satisfied through such actions. This is where 24x7 service comes in. Without proper tech support, the system may be prone to crumbling. The delays caused by system shutting down could cause your clients to become disenchanted with your services. Solutions Now provides that support and keeps the system running by overcoming tech insurance agency challenges. Round the clock monitoring of systems and rapid alerts towards any discrepancy allows for rapid response. Latest upgrades to the softwares can be easily installed for your tech insurance agency. We prevent any delays in your services, thereby increasing your reputation in the market for prompt work.

Setup Servers Active Directory

Many modern insurance agencies have offices spread out in multiple locations. They use branches in different cities or states to gain more business. But most of all, they work with overseas branches where proper insurance agents can be contracted. This prompts them to setup servers active directory. Depending upon the value of currency and economic conditions, the salaries paid to overseas employees is very low. At least, when compared to the local minimum wage. That is one of the main reasons why this venture is so common among the more prosperous of insurance agencies. You need to overcome tech insurance agency challenges. Active directory servers are needed for constant communication and large amounts of data to be transferred between overseas branches. This communication can either be obtained through Local, Remote or VPN connection, depending on the location. We can set up all such directories for your tech insurance agency business.

Data Security

The Insurance Agencies that are established in the market as big players can afford to hire top cyber security firms. Data security is a must. However, the startups and more moderate firms cannot afford to spend so much on such ventures. They lack the funds to buy and sustain such services on a long-term basis. That is how they can become easy targets for cyber criminals. The insurance agencies are especially vulnerable as they are entrusted with sensitive information by their clients. Solutions Now provides top-notch security for all technological infrastructure of a tech insurance agency. This security is comparable to the best available in the market. All opportunist criminals and cyber-attacks will be soundly thwarted with the latest upgrades. Our vigilance and regular maintenance will close any loopholes in security systems when we overcome tech insurance agency challenges. And if all else fails, then we provide encryption for your data. Encryption will not allow the thief to understand the stolen data at all. We vow to safeguard our client’s interests.

Backup and Recovery

Being prepared for a disaster is always necessary for anyone, but especially so for business owners. Backup and recovery are basic requirements in any field, but more so in insurance. Solutions Now provides plenty of counter measures against any catastrophe that may disrupt the IT infrastructure. Tech insurance agencies require comprehensive backups to keep them afloat. We provide multiple backups for every possible scenario. We ensure the raw data is properly backed up both onsite and offsite. We also ensure that the disaster recovery strategy immediately comes into effect, when required. Unfortunately, our findings have revealed not many small businesses, including insurance agencies invest in adequate backups, or even at all. We seek to rectify such situation before valuable assets are lost and your clients get angry because of the delays. Overcoming tech insurance agency challenges can gain you a lot of clout.


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